In this project, we want to consider an integrated planning approach on public transportation to improve the quality of public transportation systems with regard to customer satisfaction and system costs. Additionally, we want to derive solutions that are robust with respect to delays. Our goals are:

  • a better coordination of line planning, timetabling, vehicle and driver schedules by optimizing the public transportation system integratedly instead of the usual sequential optimization approach
  • a better focus on the customers: lines and timetables should be as attractive as possible for the passengers. Thus, we work on routing in multimodel networks and integrating realistic demand models in the optimization problems.
  • a better delay management as well as the development of robust solutions by considering typical delays occuring in the operating procedure during the planning process

Using approaches of discrete optimization, algorithm engineering and public transportation simulation, we work on innovative procedures for improving the planning process in public transportation. The achieved results are illustrated on different demonstrators, e.g. a large realistic example case.

Phase 2

In the current second phase the research unit group consists of the following subprojects:

Phase 1

Information regarding the first phase of the research unit can be found here.